Jewish Families in the Southwest

Genealogical database of the memorial association Gäu-Neckar-Alb e.V. on Jewish families.

Today, descendants of Jewish families still live all over the world; their roots can be traced back to places in Baden-Württemberg. The Memorial Association Gäu-Neckar-Alb e.V. would like to help to explore these family roots and establish connections. In addition to the preservation of memorials, for example, former synagogues and Jewish cemeteries, the member initiatives document the Jewish history of the former rabbinates, maintain connection with former Jewish citizens and their descendants and support the dialogue between religions and cultures.

Bild: Andrea Dettling

Vorstellung der Datenbank www.juedische-familien.de

An important tool for this is the genealogical database www.juedische-familien.de. It serves as a basis for family, homeland and historical research. In addition, documents, photos and sources can be stored here, with the help of which the life history of Jewish families can be documented and passed on. This can be a way to convey to the visitors and researchers from all over the world the idea of historical Jewish life in the region — with archive documents, ancestral lists and grave numbers.

If you have any genealogical questions about the Jewish communities of Wankheim and Tübingen, please contact the History Workshop Tübingen. If you would like access to the database or even want to collaborate, please contact the administrator Mrs. Andrea Dettling at info@juedische-familien.de.

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