Nazi Perpetrators in Tübingen Who were the National Socialists in Tübingen?

A research project of the Geschichtswerkstatt Tübingen e.V.

Who were the National Socialists in Tübingen?

In a long-term research project by the History Workshop in Tübingen e.V. and the Learning and Documentation Center on National Socialism e.V., numerous authors have pursued this question on a voluntary basis. They have researched in archives and libraries about Tübingen under National Socialism and presented their results in the form of detailed long biographies. These biographies present a new research on people who have hardly been looked into, or not at all, and encyclopedia-like short biographies based on the current state of research in the areas Party, Education & Research, and Police, Justice, SS. The results are presented on the website www.ns-Akture-in-tuebingen.de.

The term actor includes perpetrators, ideologues, and propagandists, profiteers, loyal officials right down to simple NSDAP members who supported the Nazi system with their positions and actions. These people have different backgrounds in Tübingen: They came from Tübingen, studied here, were active in the university town on the Neckar between 1933 and 1945 and/or moved there after the Second World War. In addition to the focus on the work in the years 1933 to 1945, the present biographies also take a look at the history before and after National Socialism.

The digital project NS Actors in Tübingen is not finished and is a "work in progress". New biographies or corrections can be entered at any time. If you would also like to participate as an author, please contact the History Workshop Tübingen e.V. by email.

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